Police & Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Today’s modern police and emergency vehicles need very specific equipment, that’s where we come in!



Police Vehicle & Emergency Vehicle Equipment

CAP Fleet can provide solutions by building you a whole fleet of vehicles from the ground up, delivered and ready to put in to action for law enforcement, first responders, private security, as well as any government agency like border patrol or Homeland Security, for example. Or we can offer you a full supply of all the equipment needed to do the upfitting yourself, as well as providing you with installation instructions.

Our Emergency & Police Vehicle Configurator will also let you build it online and then pass that information on to us for implementation.

We are here to help supply you with any necessary equipment needed to keep your fleet equipped with the latest technology designed to make a tough job easier.  

Learn more about the equipment in your police and emergency vehicles as well as tips on how to install and maintain vital pieces of equipment that need to function reliably or need proper installation to function at its best. We are here to help you with your installation or to simply do it for you at one of our state-of-the-art locations.

We carry a full assortment of all the vital police vehicle and emergency vehicle equipment you need to upgrade your fleet. From lightbars to consoles, sirens, emergency lights, push bumpers and even wiring harnesses, we’ve got you covered. 

Police Vehicle Equipment & Emergency Vehicle Equipment we can supply:

Vehicle Partitions, Cages, K9 Systems & ConsolesVehicle Partitions & Cages – Partitions and Cages are a vital part of most police vehicles and we carry a full assortment designed to be installed in most standard police cars. These are also perfect for private security vehicles. The products we carry are made by some of the best in the industry. Currently you can choose from cages or partitions made by Go Rhino, D&R Electronics (cargo partitions), Setina and Troy Products. The products in this section range from cargo partitions to middle and rear partitions. If you need help understanding which is best for your application, don’t hesitate and call us for some advice on what works best or how to install a partition properly.

K9 Transport Vehicle Equipment – Not only do we carry products for K9 vehicles, but some of the products in this section are also perfectly suited and used in animal control units. American Aluminum produces K9 unit partitions that you can have confidence in as well as compartments for animal control units. Not only will you find K9 containments for vehicles, but we also have the necessary accessories to keep your K9 partner comfortable as well as giving you the ability to monitor vehicle conditions and remote door opening devices in case you need your partner in an emergency. Currently the K9 Product section carries products made by American Aluminum, Ace K9, D&R Electronics, Havis and Setina. If you’re looking for a great K9 kennel system that not only keeps your K9 partner safe but also gives you the ability to transport a prisoner, Setina makes a great system to accommodate you.

Mounts & Consoles – Our mount and console solutions are the perfect answer to mounting your electronics properly. We currently have great deals on products by D&R Electronics, Havis, Go Jotto, Lund Industries, Ram Mounts, Troy Products and Plastix Plus. Solid consoles and proper mounts are essential with all of today’s technology and peripherals that go in to first responder and law enforcement vehicles. We can provide the equipment and a guide for the installation, or take care of it for you.

Push Bumpers & Door Panels For Police VehiclesDoor Panels – Troy Products is our main provider of door panels designed for public safety vehicles. These door panels are designed to be easily installed using pop rivets.

Push Bumpers & Grille Guards – Push bumpers are pretty much standard equipment on any police unit or emergency vehicle. These bumpers are bigger and stronger and are designed to protect the vital parts of the front of the vehicle, as well as giving you the ability to push obstructions out of the way when needed. With proper installation, a push bumper is a vital piece of equipment in police work. You will not only find this product handy on a car, but on trucks as well. Our current selection of push bumpers consists of products from Go Industries, Go Rhino, Go Jotto and Setina.

Equipment Mounting Brackets – Mounting your vital pieces of equipment is easy with the proper mounting brackets. Equipment like your radio, radar and GPS can all be mounted easily with our selection of brackets. Our current selection of equipment mounting brackets are made by Plastix Plus. If you have a question about the proper use of a bracket or need help installing your equipment brackets and components call us or visit one of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Gun Racks, Mounts & Safes – A Police cruiser needs to be equipped with proper gun racks and weapon mounts in order to have the weapons you need on hand, as well as keeping them secure. We deal with several manufacturers that provide gun racks as well as specialty mounts to secure your weapons in the front or back, as well as the interior roof of your cruiser. Our gun mounts are made by Go Rhino, Go Jotto, Lund Industries, Progard and Santa Cruz Gunlocks.

Gun Racks, Skid Plates & Police Radar EquipmentSkid Plates – Skid plates are designed to protect the undercarriage of your cruiser from damage during a police pursuit or having to go off road in an emergency situation. We offer skid plates from Go Industries or Setina for sale in our online product catalog. Setina makes a great skid plate that protects the vehicles power train, chassis and underbody as well as allowing easy access for routine maintenance. Installation of skid plates is fairly simple and can be handled by a mechanic, or we can provide installation for you. Installation instructions for skid plates are available directly from the manufacturer, or we can provide them to you.

Police Radar – For police officers, accurate radar equipment is a vital component of daily patrolling as well as traffic enforcement, which is why we carry police radar equipment by Stalker. Stalker has been a leading manufacturer as well as an innovator in the radar industry. Their law enforcement products continue to be relied upon by most police departments in the country.

Prisoner Transport – Transporting prisoners is a frequent occurrence for most law enforcement agencies, and therefore a prisoner transport vehicle and a regular cruiser need to be able to transport a prisoner safely and securely. We understand this, which is why we carry products from Brooking Industries, Go Jotto, Progard and PTS to make prisoner transport systems safe and secure for both officers and prisoners. For installation help on one of these for your police vehicle contact us or come by one of our locations to have someone do the installation for you.

Camera Systems -  When it comes to camera systems and body cameras, we carry a full assortment of camera systems ready to be installed in your police unit. Watch Guard is our manufacturer of choice for these camera systems. We are fully equipped to provide you with the installation of any camera system you need help with.

Seatbelts -  Our seatbelt selection currently consists of products from Pro-gard and Setina.

Window Bars & Guards – Protection for your windows and the safety of prisoners is an important part of keeping prisoners and vehicles safe. Window bars and window guards are designed to do just that. We currently carry these from several manufacturers, including D & R Electronics, Go Rhino, Setina and Troy Products. We can sell you the bars or guards as well as offer you a turnkey solution.

Truck Racks – Trucks out in the field needing lighting will usually opt for a headache rack to mount the light bars on. Truck boxes for storage are another component our clients often need. We can install and mount these on most trucks, as well as add on any other necessary equipment.

Fire Extinguishers – Everyone can use a fire extinguisher in their vehicle, especially when doing police and first responder work. Therefore, we provide fire extinguishers for sale in our catalog to make it convenient for anyone looking to build their own fleet and needing every part imaginable.

Winches – Winches can be quite handy for first responders and bigger service vehicles, allowing them to temporarily tow or move someone. A winch can be a vital piece of equipment for road side assistance vehicles. We have winches for sale in our product catalog and one of these can be added to most vehicles upon request.

Wiring Harnesses – If you want to do some wiring work on your fleet and you don’t know where to start, we can help in two ways. One, we can simply do the work for you and provide you with a police or emergency vehicle with all the equipment installed to your specifications. Two, if you have the facilities and know how to install your own wiring harness, we can provide you with the necessary hardware for the job. Our wiring harnesses are made by 911 Circuits which we believe to be the best in the industry. For questions on harnesses or installation, give us a call.

If you need help with a product, whether it’s an installation question or just a question on ordering a piece of equipment, we are here to assist you. Call us and talk to our sales team to get answers to questions on any particular items of interest.

The online catalog is designed to have everything in it that you need to upfit a vehicle from the ground up. It is our goal to be your provider for all your police vehicle and emergency vehicle equipment needs.

Please remember, if you don’t feel like tearing a car or truck apart and having to do it yourself, we are a full-fledged upfitter that can do the job for you and save you the headache of doing it yourself. Simply call and talk to our sales staff to get an idea of what it will take to build your fleet or just a single car. Now if you’re geared towards tackling it yourself, we will be glad to help with installation tips and the know-how to get your project unstuck.

*We are constantly adding videos and installation instructions to our site and YouTube channel for maximum convenience.

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