Emergency Lights & Sirens

Every police vehicle and emergency vehicle needs lights and sirens, and we are here to service that need for you.

Police Vehicle W/ Lights & SIrens InstalledWe carry a full assortment of lights and sirens for police vehicles, as well as emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks, and we’re here to either provide you with a turnkey installation, or guide you through the process of doing the installation yourself if you feel that you have the proper equipment.

Some things are trickier than they look and should be left to a professional Upfitter that deals with installations daily. However, we will do our best to provide you tips and tricks on installation as we continue to build out our police vehicle equipment installation guide.

Emergency lights and sirens are vital pieces of equipment in police and emergency vehicles alike, so we have the solution for you on all your lighting and siren needs. If you need a particular type of light or siren and you can’t find it in our online products catalog, please call our sales team and let us assist you further.

Lights & Sirens We Carry for Police Cars and Emergency Vehicles:

Emergency Lights & Sirens We Sell As Well As Install

 Emergency Lights & Sirens


Interior Vehicle Lighting – Good visibility is an important factor in police cruisers and emergency vehicles. Interior lighting should provide you with the visibility needed for you to function properly. That is why we have chosen SoundOff as one of our providers for interior lighting for emergency and police vehicles.

Lightbars – Lightbars are the most needed emergency light when it comes to police and emergency vehicles. Lightbars increase your visibility during a chase and help an ambulance trying to get through traffic to respond to an emergency call. Therefore, good lightbars are as essential as proper installation, and let’s not forget a good controller to make it all work right. We currently offer Whelen, Tomar and SoundOff lightbars for sale in our shop. Controllers to pair your lights and sirens with are also available. If you get stuck on an installation, talk to our sales team about handling the job for you or check our police vehicle equipment installation guide for help and tips on how to properly install lightbars and sirens paired to a controller.

Flood & Scene LightsFlood & Scene Lights – Spot lights are another important piece of equipment for cruisers and emergency vehicles. This type of lighting can be vital when you are on the scene. We have opted to use GO Light as our provider for floodlights and scene lights. GO Light makes several different configurations of flood lights from mounted to removable to remote controlled. We believe in their quality products and offer their flood and scene lights for sale in our online shop, as well as using their quality lights in our turnkey solutions.

Flashlights – We carry a large variety of flashlights for your convenience. While these are not equipment found on a vehicle, we believe no police or emergency vehicle should be without at least one flashlight on board.

Sirens – Our sirens come from some of the best siren makers in the industry. D&R Electronics, SoundOff and Tomar are the manufacturers that provide us with quality sirens, which we offer for sale to you directly and also use in all our turnkey solutions. If you have a question about a siren, please call and talk to our sales team and let us answer any questions you might have.

Light Controllers – Light controllers by Tomar are some of the best in the industry, and we are happy to provide them to you for your project. Tomar controllers are made to control your emergency lights and sirens. They make a very robust self-contained controller that is backlit with LED indicators in a spill-proof housing to keep the controller safe from any liquid spills that may happen.

Flaslights, Sirens & ControllersBrackets & Mounts –Our brackets and mounts for lighting are provided by D&R Electronics. They make some of the best lighting mounting hardware around.

Replacement Lights & Bulbs – If you need replacement bulbs for your emergency lights we can help get them for you. Please contact our sales team if you need one that is not listed in our shop catalog.

Flashers – Emergency vehicle headlight flashers and tail light flashers are key components to making your emergency vehicle lighting provide the best visibility by making other motorists aware of your location. Our flashers are currently provided by Whelen, which is one of the leading manufacturers of not just flashers, but lightbars and sirens as well.

If you need help with the installation of emergency vehicle lights or sirens for these vehicles, we can help. Come by one of our facilities for a turnkey installation, or check out our police vehicle equipment installation guide for help on doing an install yourself.

CAP Fleet provides vehicle equipment for law enforcement as well as first responders. We can custom build you a vehicle or provide you with the equipment to do the job yourself. Look at our Vehicle Configurator for a turnkey solution to having a car, SUV or truck built for your specific needs.

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