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*Emergency & Police Vehicle Computer EquipmentModern technology in police and emergency vehicles have drastically improved access to information, but now what to do with all that clutter of technology? Well, CAP Fleet to the rescue! We can provide you with the laptops, tablets, docking stations and mounts to keep it all organized and efficiently placed in your cruiser. 

Docking stations, mounts and proper consoles make all the difference in using the space you have in your patrol car or emergency vehicle. We are here to provide you with a turnkey solution to these problems by doing a total install for you or provide you with all the products you will need to install the computer equipment on your own. 

Computer Solutions for Police Cars & Emergency Vehicles 


Laptops – We realize that the laptops and tablets we provide need to stand up to the rugged environment of a police car, ambulance or perhaps a firetruck. That is why we chose to offer Durabook products in our shop. Durabook makes laptops designed to withstand these environments with ease, while still providing you a quality computing solution. Durabook PC’s are designed to adhere to military standards. These units are drop and vibration-resistant. 

Tablets – For the same reasons that we decided to provide you with Durabook laptops, we also offer their tablets for sale or pre-installed when you configure a vehicle with us. These tablets are just as rugged with some of the same features, like vibration-resistance and dropping-resistance, as well as being sealed from dust and water. 

Docking Stations - Our docking stations are made by Havis or Jotto and are made to reliably hold your laptop or tablet in place where it belongs. Docking stations for laptops and tablets are an essential part of keeping your computing solutions at hand while still keeping them securely in place when the vehicle is in motion. 

Printers -  So you got the tablet and laptop in the car, but how do you push paper in it? Well with a Brother printer and Havis printer mounts it makes that job easy. If you need the ability to print, this combination is one of the best when you’re dealing with tight spaces like the front seats and consoles of a car. 

Power Management - Havis power management solutions are the perfect answer to running all your computing solutions like laptops and tablets, while still maintaining proper amperage throughout the vehicle, as well as proper voltage for your PC’s. Power management is an important part of using computer solutions in emergency and police vehicles and keeping all the components happy. 


GPS - If you have a need for GPS, please look at our current selection of GPS devices. 

Computer Accessories - Havis offers a large variety of computer accessories for you to choose from in order to set up your vehicle in a way that works best for you. 

*If you need a specialized installation done or a turnkey solution for a complete vehicle, please reach out to our sales team and we will be happy to help. 

Computer solutions for police cars and emergency vehicles are specialized, and we recognize that, which is why we offer only the best in computing solutions for rugged environments.

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