Patrol Series: Single Drawer, Full-Size CopBox

Copbox by CTECH

Patrol Series: Single Drawer, Full-Size CopBox
Model Number: P47-301
MSRP: $2,194.50

8-10 Weeks


This 16" tall CopBox was designed with patrol officers' tactical storage needs in mind. With the right amount of storage space in a small package, this CopBox features a large drawer with optional dividers for organization. The Patrol Series CopBox is the perfect amount of storage for any Patrolman needing a secure location for their gear.
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Full visibility out of rear of vehicle
  • Economical single drawer design
  • Inverted top offers quick access to gear
  • Vehicle Mounting Plate Free with Box
Due to the size and weight of this product, an additional shipping charge of $120 will be assessed at checkout.

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