TIR3 Series Super-LED Lighthead, Horizontal Surface Mount


TIR3 Series Super-LED Lighthead, Horizontal Surface Mount
Model Number: RS*02ZCR
MSRP: $98.00



TIR3™ and LIN3™ Series is the tiny Super-LED® module with a big attitude. Encapsulated, low current TIR3 LED's are tough as nails so they'll go to work for you anywhere on your vehicle, shrugging off moisture and road vibration. Perfect for mounting in the grille, on side mirrors, on bumpers, over steps, on motorcycle boxes and fairing, on ATV's, forklifts and material-handling vehicles ... Wherever high intensity, wide angle warning is required.
• Highly effective TIR3 (patent pending) Super-LED™ surface mount module with black ABS mounting flange
• Optional chrome ABS mounting flange available.
• Tiny size, dozens of applications Super-LED tough, low current, vibration and moisture resistant
• Available in steady-burn, 15 ScanLock™ patterns, 10 ScanLock patterns and synchronization capability
• Available in all four safety colors.
• Five year warranty

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