CTECH may have gotten its start in the world of racing, but its advanced cargo and latching systems were quickly seen as a natural fit for law enforcement as well. CTECH was founded in the early 90s by racer Jim Greenheck. Its mission was to produce a lightweight, strong and reliable aluminum cabinet that could be operated with minimal effort. The result was the company’s MotionLatch drawer and handle, which afford users One Hand One Motion opening, as the company puts it.Ctech Copbox Vehicle storage box 

In about 25 years, CTECH has diversified to an incredible degree, and its products are found in NASCAR, NHRA, the U.S. Military (primarily the U.S. Navy), the service truck body industry and, of course, law enforcement and first responders. CTECH has managed this by filling its Weston, Wisconsin factory with top of the line manufacturing equipment and engineering software.

Police, fire and rescue crews will find CTECH’s storage options to be some of the easiest to install and use in the field. CTECH places added priority in designing its products for the maximum number of police and fire vehicles. As such, they provide added value with their interchangeability. A single CTECH box can be installed and removed from vehicle after vehicle, so additional investments into storage solutions aren’t necessary as fleets are updated.

CTECH’s Vehicle Storage Box Product Offerings

The CTECH product of choice for law enforcement is the CopBox, and for fire or EMT, it’s the ChiefBox. All of CTECH’s police, fire and EMT products are permutations of the CopBox or ChiefBox, just with varying dimensions and drawer sets. With several sizes and more than a dozen drawer sets to choose from, CTECH has a massive number of cargo solutions. No matter the storage need, there is an option for every department.

The CopBox is available in these sizes:

Copbox tactial series storage boxMETRO – 12-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch cabinet.
RESPONDER – 12-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch drawer cabinet.
PATROL – 16-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch drawer cabinet.
TACTICAL – 20-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch drawer cabinet.
COMMAND – 26-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch drawer cabinet.
COMMANDER – 26-inch by 40-inch by 30-inch drawer cabinet with long gun storage and doghouse extension.

On top of these size options, CTECH also offers 16 standard drawer models that allow police, fire, and rescue personnel to partition their cargo in any way they see fit.

There are several features that deserve mention. Perhaps the biggest value addition to a CopBox system is its QuickLink mounting system. With the QuickLink, the CopBox can be secured inside the vehicle by bolting it to factory mounting locations. This is a major time saver in that installation is simplified greatly. What takes it to another level is the QuickLink mounting plate, which comes with the QuickLink system. The mounting plate is designed for a particular vehicle model and ensures proper securing, but it only represents a small part of a CopBox solution. When it’s time to move the CopBox to another vehicle model, a different mounting plate can be switched in, ensuring a perfect fit in the new vehicle without having to replace the entire CopBox. Further, the QuickLink system is extraordinarily secure and will not give even in the event of an accident. There are hundreds of pounds of gear and weapons in that box, so it needs to stay put. With the QuickLink, officers won’t be harmed by the cabinet shifting, even during a crash.Copbox Scale Series

What else? The CopBox provides excellent security, with standard drawer locks and ball bearing drawer runners that can manage up to 250 pounds of capacity. Drawers are available with dividers and heavy-duty liners to protect the CopBox interior. Access to the spare tire well is not affected by the CopBox, so it can be pulled out with ease even after installation. And the CopBox comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is a clear sign that CTECH stands behind its products. Long-lasting performance is expected from all of CTECH’s products, as they are manufactured with high strength aluminum. Quality aluminum provides most of the security and stability that steel offers, but at a much lower weight. With the lower weight, the CopBox is much easier to install and manipulate, and it won’t drain as much fuel as a steel cargo box.

CopBox and ChiefBox products are designed with an inverted top, which makes it easier to balance tools and gear on top of the box while opening drawers or even while in transit. Larger CopBox and ChiefBox models come with adjustable shelving, so users can change up their storage arrangement on the fly, and vented drawers are available for personnel that needs to carry sensitive electronics like radio equipment.

On top of all that, CTECH’s drawers are designed to be as easily operable as possible, owing to the company’s One Hand One Motion approach to drawer manufacturing. In other words, a user can open up the drawer with a single hand and with little effort. Over the course of a single shift, the drawer may be opened up more than 100 times. That will wear down wrists and elbows if the opening mechanism is rough. Fortunately, CTECH’s One Hand One Motion design ensures that it is not.

CTECH’s cargo options are a fit for any department, no matter their storage needs. And on top of that versatility, CTECH’s CopBoxes and ChiefBoxes provide excellent storage space, security, and usability.