Chevrolet Express Cargo Van

The Chevrolet Express Cargo Van is a monster of a support vehicle, with a bottomless capacity for hauling essential gear and equipment. The Express Cargo Van is actually one of two Express Van models, the other being the Passenger model. The differences between the two are obvious. The Cargo model is built with lots of cargo space, and the Passenger model comes with additional seating. The Express Passenger Van, then, is an ideal vehicle for prisoner transport, but if equipment hauling is the priority, then the Cargo Van is the right choice. However, it can be made even better with the right upfitting.

Configuring the Express Cargo Van As A Support Vehicle

Ford Express Cargo & Transportation VanThe Express Cargo Van is one of the largest police or emergency vehicles in any fleet. It is built with a cavernous cargo compartment that measures in at 314 cubic feet. That is enough room to store an arsenal, and even better, the Express Cargo Van model comes standard with a full-length, black rubber-vinyl floor and several D-ring attachments anchored to the floor. Together, they can keep everything in the back from sliding around and posing a danger in the event of a collision.

And the Express Cargo Van can be augmented further with smart upfitting additions, some of which enhance the already impressive cargo hauling potential. Those upfits include:

1.       Cargo solutionsThe Express Cargo Van is an impressive cargo hauler to begin with, but it has a ton of untapped potential, literally. There may be more than 300 cubic feet of space in the back, but it isn’t organized. Cargo solutions through a manufacturer like Truckvault, though, can bring that needed organization.

Truckvault is a leading producer of police and emergency vehicle cargo solutions, and it can do a lot with a vehicle the size of the Express Cargo Van. For police and emergency fleets, Truckvault has several drawer layouts available, including mobile command stations that allow for complex operations in the field. Each Truckvault model comes with at least one file drawer and a map board drawer. The high end, larger models are built with Sea Dog vents for radio equipment, removable radio panels, a 600-watt sine wave inverter, multiple electrical outlets and more cargo space overall.

All of Truckvault’s emergency vehicle cargo solutions can be fitted with its Strike Guard technology, which comes with a strike plate and backer plate combination. Together, they prevent tampering and generally make it difficult to break into the drawers. Further, Truckvault offers various drawer lock and accessory options. For example, the drawers can be paired with a black or silver T-handle, a folding T-handle, a slam latch or a Kaba simplex combo lock with key override. Accessory options include rubber matting, drawer foam inserts, a steel shroud or armor coating, in-drawer lighting, a table extension or a bumperchute, which is ideal for inclement weather conditions.

2.       Anti-theft technology – While cargo organization is the primary focus of upfitting an Express Cargo Van, it’s not the only priority. Because the Express Cargo is expected to carry thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable gear and weaponry, it must be protected from theft at all costs. This is especially true if the van remains unmarked, as large vans are a favored target of theft given their possible contents.

One of the most popular anti-theft additions to police and emergency vehicles is the Tremco anti-theft system. It operates on extremely simple and ingenious technology. When the vehicle is placed in park, the anti-theft functionality will automatically engage, without the need to press a button or flip a switch. This ensures the system always fires, no matter what.

While the anti-theft system is engaged, the vehicle cannot be taken out of park. The engine can be started, but the shift lever will not move from the park position until the Tremco anti-theft system is deactivated. To deactivate it, a covert switch hidden on the floor must be flipped. This switch is designed to blend in with its surroundings and is made from a durable rubber that is impervious to liquid spills.

The technology is simple to install and requires minimal time to place. It is a proven piece of technology, in operation at dozens of police and emergency departments around the country. It is a cost effective and always reliable means of defending the fleet’s valuable assets.

3.       Traffic control technology – The Express Cargo Van doesn’t need much in the way of lighting, sirens and the like, but it can benefit from traffic control technology, as a means to get around urban areas faster.

Tomar is among the leading manufacturers of traffic control equipment, and it operates using military-grade sensor technology. While in operation, Tomar traffic control equipment fires a signal from the vehicle, which is received by a receiver at the intersection. This signal is decoded and verified, at which point the vehicle is given the green light as soon as possible. The Tomar system is extremely safe and will not pick up false signaling when moving through the intersection from the opposite direction. The light cycle is optimized so there are no sudden red lights for other motorists to worry about. The next beat in the cycle is just given to the emergency vehicle.

The Chevy Express Cargo Van is the champion of support vehicles, with the ability to haul an amazing amount of equipment and assets. And with the right additions, it can be turned into an ideal support platform for police and emergency fleets, in both urban and rural areas.